Coronavirus Update ☣

Our Marlborough McTimoney Chiropractic is OPEN during lockdown.

Last reviewed: 2nd November 2020

I  want to reassure patients that I will be remaining open and seeing patients as normal throughout this lockdown period. As with other medical services, you are permitted to leave home to attend chiropractic treatment with me and the Prime Minister has recently urged people to keep their medical appointments. I have reviewed the Clinical Risk Assessment and remain confident that  rigorous additional precautions enable me to treat patients in a safe and sterile environment.  Infection rates in Wiltshire remain low in the country.

Patients are able keep their scheduled appointments in the busy run-up to Christmas, and new patients are welcome . I will always ask routine triage questions for added safety . Above all, I wish to avoid patients missing their scheduled treatment as suffering a relapse is unpleasant and often requires additional visits to correct.


I  am currently able to offer ‘hands on’ face to face appointments for all my patients unless they have been told to self-isolate following a positive test or waiting to be tested. This follows advice from our professional association, the McTimoney Chiropractic Association , and an updated position from the statutory regulator, the General Chiropractic Council.

For people needing to self-isolate at this time, I will be continuing  ‘remote’ appointments, which allows me to take a clinical history; perform orthopaedic testing to reach a diagnosis, and treat using video exercises, modalities, posture, ergonomics and directed self-treatment.

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